About charging infrastructures and the future of mobility

A couple of days ago I have been asked to think about charging infrastructures (CI) for electric vehicles (EV).

Below you could download the presentation I gave.

The key parts are :
– faster and sooner than imagined, autonomous vehicles will be part of our daily life;
– CI network should anticipate this trend;
– today the customer experience of traveling with an EV is like using a mobile phone a couple of years ago (too few services suppliers fighting a hardware war);
– what is needed is a seamless experience for EV’s owners : access of different networks of CI;
– as we don’t know how charging technologies will evolved, it is more important to provide access to services than to focus on the hardware part;
– as more and more vehicles will be autonomous, it will be key to provide charging and repair stations for them;
– and to do so it will be key to measure how people commute in urban areas;

Conclusion : investment in charging infrastructures for electric vehicles should focus on:
– providing trans-provider access;
– analysing traffics and behaviors, then
– investing on real estate to provide big structures that are perfectly located.

Here comes Qomut. “Qomut is a network where silences give space to interactions. It is more than charging, it is commuting!”

Click here to download the presentation I gave.

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