A 3 steps guide to sharpen your pencils for the first use

High end wood pencils are delivered unsharpened in order to avoid breaking the point during transportation. So for the first use, you have to work on a wood stick and to shape it in order to obtain an efficient and valuable stationary tool.

unsharpened blackwing

Tools you will need:
- Your pencil
- A well sharpened blade
- A pencil sharpener

Step 1: you have to take off a layer of wood in order to come closer to a conic shape. Proceed lightly in 8 event 1.5cm cuts. Hold your pencil with your left hand (for right handed) and push your blade with your thumb to guide it.

Step 2: repeat in order to start seeing the graphite.

Step 3: finish with the sharpener. 2 to 3 turns might be needed.

For the next sharpenings, just use your sharpener.

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