Here are some of my last keynotes adressing blockchain and decentralized technologies:

- PhiWeek 2019, septembre 2019: Blockchain as an interoperability
layer for Smart cities
- LPS19, may 2019: Blockchain and AI convergence for Earth Observation
- EU Blockchain Observatory, march 2019, Bruxels: AI & Blockchain convergence
- ABGI, march 2019: Decentralized market for industries,
- Entreprise Ethereum Alliance, march 2019, Lisbon: Trusted Compute Spec
- MWC2019, february 2019, Barcelona: 5G and Blockchain for Smart city
- BNP ParisBas, february 2019: Startup Coffee Blockchain
- Blendwebmix, October 2018: Decentralization & new busness models
- Blockchain Day Paris, October 2018
- AGEFI, June 2018, Paris: ICOs as financial vehicle to sustain innovation
- LCL, June 2018, Paris: ICOs to finance innovation
- Blockchain Regulation: Opportunities & Risks, June 2018, Astana, Kazakhstan: Decentralizing centralized systems
- Blockshow Europe, May 2018, Berlin: AI and Blockchain
- Red Herring (startup event), April 2018, Amsterdam: Decentralization and cloud computing
- French minister of economy (minister), March 2018, Paris: ICOs, and blockchain entrepreneurship
- IoT work (IoT event), March 2018, Paris: Blockchain for IoT
- Disrupt night, March 2018, Paris: Pitch startup
- Techfest startup, February 2018, San Paolo: Blockchain technology
- INSEEC, December 2017, Lyon: Tokenized societies
- Société Générale, December 2017, Lyon: Introduction to decentralization
- Blockshow Asia, November 2017, Singapore: AI & blockchain
- Entreprise Ethereum Alliance, October 2017, Amsterdam: Blockchain for entreprise

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