On sickness in VR.

VR is an amazing tool to be immerge in virtual experiences. The problem is that our brain is connected to our body which one will still provide real feedbacks. When our brain receives info from our eyes that differs from the one received from our body, we get sick. It is mostly an inner ear matter.

Which means, the main issue of VR today is that it makes people sick.

Everyone has experienced this type of sickness at one point or another while traveling in a car, a bus or a boat. You are reading, meaning you are giving static visual feedbacks to your brain, and your body is giving kinetic feedbacks from the transportation used. The more intense is the difference the more the possibility of getting sick.

I was lucky enough to be part of a Zero G study a couple of years ago. It is used to reproduce conditions lived in space, without any gravity. We were alternating cycles with zero gravity and higher, like double the gravity on earth. It was very fun but demanding. As I was part of the "guinea pig" group I didn't have any anti-sickness medication. The secret to avoiding being sick in this type of condition is to focus on one point during the hypergravity parts and to not move at all. Nevertheless, I got sick during the 7th cycle. As I said before, the more intense the difference between visual feedback and kinetic feedback, the sicker we can be.

It made me realize later the real issue regarding VR. One way to solve this will be providing a solution to be able to give the right feedback to the body. Two approaches are possible:
- Placing the body in devices that allow it to move accordingly to the VR experience;
- Placing the body in an altering state, thanks to drugs or electro-stimulation.

Both will be exciting to try. I have heard about solutions regarding the first proposal, like Virtuix, but nothing regarding the second one.

Let me know if something is going this way.

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