On trans-cybernetic-race couple.

A couple of years ago, I used to spend time biking with people who were riding horses. After a couple of minutes, if I was riding ahead, the horses would follow me on my bike as if I were a horse.

One explanation for this behavior is not about the horses thinking I was one of them, but about my function. Being ahead, I took the function of leading the group, so they followed me as if I were a horse. Fulfilling a function is a deep imprint in social behavior.

In a couple of years, humankind will interact more and more with artificial "products". Some of them will look humanoid and will act close to a human being. In the movie "Her" or in the anime "Time of Eve", we see the difficulty in the human brain to create an emotional distance with an AI or a humanoid robot.

As explained with the horses previously, one explanation is the fulfillment of a function. In this case, the function is about taking care of someone, creating a feeling of empathy in understanding and anticipating needs.

If AI or humanoid robots will be programmed in such ways, it will be quite probable that some humans will fall in love with them. Is it an issue? Some will think that the quality of the feelings won't be the equivalent of those of a human relation. Others will say that the physical contact will decrease the level of attachment. Both of these opinions will surely vanish regarding the evolution of the technologies behind.

The main issue from my point of view will be the impact on the rate of fecundity. But even this will vanish as it would be easy to project technological evolutions where babies could be from "human and Android" couples. Their DNA would be a mix of the human parent and a donor, fulfilling the requirements from the Android. The babies would be conceived in vitro. Ethical committees will surely frame or try to frame these type of relationships.

It wouldn't be wrong to assume that the children raised by the trans-cybernetic-race couples will be more inclined to delve into cybernetic augmentation. Would they be at the initiative of the next human evolution? We can take it further with the extrapolations, but everyone gets the idea.

So what do you think about the trans-cybernetic-race couples?

What country would be the first to officially recognize them?

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