On AI coming as a tool to guide.

What if AI could solve political issues?

In May 2017, France struggled in finding the right candidate for the presidential election. The opinions vary, but almost everyone seems to agree: there isn't one candidate that suits everyone's tastes and values. It's a tough job to do as everyone's tastes and values are a mix of personal wishes and societal projections.

The same thing happened in the US a couple of months ago, or it could happen in any country in the world. If it seems impossible to content everyone, what would be the best choice? The one candidate who does not act with selfishness and promote personal interests. The one who has the broadest view of the situation. And finally, the one who has the best understanding of all the systems involved in order to anticipate the impact of decisions.

Is there one person who is able to check these requirements? Even the first one? I haven't the final answer, but I don't think anyone could fit the description. Now, who or what could fulfill this role? What if a guide/president was chosen based on these three criteria listed here: objectiveness, awareness, consciousness. This guide or president must be wise as a monk, intelligent as all the scientists and forward-thinking as all geniuses. How could someone aggregate all of these qualities? Maybe it is not possible, that is why all political systems are composed of subsystems interacting together. But as for a president, we face the same issues of possible selfishness, lack of knowledge and lack of consciousness. So the risks repeat in each layer of the system.

That is where artificial intelligence (AI) could be used as a means to help and guide. Before developing a little more, let's define AI: it is either a program able to learn from all the available resources (deep learning) or/and a program able to learn from itself based on its experiences, analysis, and conclusions. The first type of programs is already efficient, the second type is not really, for now. Tomorrow will fill this void in implementing a real AI program, mixing the behaviors listed above. And yes, there could be issues, if omnipotence is given instead of guidance. But if AI is used as a means to provide direction in an objective, aware and conscious way, the results could be very interesting. So now, the question that arises is how to guide these artificial chaperones? Implementing rules like the Isaac Asimov's, or duplicate systems, like political ones with counter-power, seem to be the best answers.

According to you, what country will be the first to accept an AI as a president?

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