The Low Ego Society Project is a proposal, an answer and an ongoing project in echo to the place of humankind in a modern and connected world.

Why this name? Ego is the common point in a lot of issues encountered by humankind. In managing the Ego we believe we will be able to thrives. The answer of the previous question is also in the fundamental value of the the LESP : finding the right equilibrium regarding personal wellness and collectif wellness.

The Low Ego Society Project shares views with lifestyles and mindsets in the cross roads of a lot of mouvements (consciousness, minimalism, veganism, Buddhism, zennism, high performance, low tech, high tech...).

This project is not a rigid canvas but a path to live in a modern society while preserving our social environment, our planet and our personal well-being.

The Low Ego Society Project is based on 5 observations, 3 principles and 5 daily habits.

The 5 observations:
- Observation 1: Humanity is a dust in the universe. Why some people think being the center of the universe?
- Observation 2: The LESP is not a new trend unveiling a new truth. It's a wrap up of forgotten or not used common sens.
- Observation 3: Your ego is not a kind friend as its crystallize who you are at the opposite the others.
- Observation 4: The one billion question in life is not about what you want to do? It's how to be useful? It's key to always focus on how you think you could be useful to. It will guide you to work on meaningful topics while leveraging your strengths. And if you don't have the answer, just keep looking for it and do try something.
- Observation 5: just being rich has never make someone happy. Never! But it could support needs to realize projects. Take a look back at Observation 4. If you live by it, 99% of the time, you will be richer (in happiness, money, social interactions...) while living a meaningful life and feeling useful.

The 3 principles of the LESP:
- Live with empathy. Meaning try to put your feet in others shoes to understand how they see the world.
- As a result, do not judge others. Nothing is black or white. You can judge yourself in an honest way, but be lenient with others.
- Be a doer. If you have an idea, test it or try something that put you in a closer position regarding that idea.

You will absolutely thrive if you live a life full of empathy, without judging others and while being active on building projects.

So how to implement these 3 principles. Just by following the next 5 daily habits.

5 habits to live the Low Ego Society Project on a daily life:
- Habit number 1: do not built your ego on tags. Embrace traditions, trends, disruptions, but keep flexibility to adapt yourself based on your development.
- Habit number 2: Take an honest self analysis about why you are doing what you do. Why do you need a new pair of shoes? What have you learnt the last 2 hours spent on Instagram? How do you feel after eating junk food for 2days in a row? Do you act based on real personal needs, or because of external influences or internal compensations?
- Habit number 3: trying a little bit is an infinite time better than not trying. The difference of momentum between 0 and 1 way more than 1. But the difference between 1 and 2 is just 1. So create the momentum, even a ridicule small one. It's a game changer.
- Habit number 4: respect yourself. Start with your body, as we are chemistry, we have to take care of ourselves in order to be able to thrives. It means eating well, being active, drinking plenty of water and have restful nights. Nothing sexy here. Just basics we must follow.
- Habit number 5: learn to declutter your life. It's true for bad habits, useless things in your home or people who doesn't want you to thrive. Take an honest look on your environment and start decluttering.

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